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Durham, NC
amp repairs Amp repairs & upgrades:
All our Amplifier repairs are done locally and are guaranteed.  Most major brands and vintage amps are serviceable.    We also sell many brands of quality replacement power, pre-amp, rectifier tubes, transformers and  replacement speakers for all major brands.  Recovering services too.
orange amps Orange Amps:
The original Tiny Terror has already become a classic and is available in the original compact head design as well as a 1x12 combo.
The Rockverb has valve driven reverb and a valve F/X loop. The clean channel has warm harmonics and sweet sounds.
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VHT amps VHT - Handwired Amps:
The VHT engineering team worked tirelessly to design and assemble what we believe to be some of the best tube amplifiers available. Our top-of-the-line, handwired, tube amplifiers, made in the USA.
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Randall  Randall Amplifiers:
The amps used by artists such as Chuck Schuldiner, Dimebag Darrell, Metallica, King's X, Nirvana, and Anthrax. Randall makes both solid state and tube amplifiers..
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tc electronic TC Electronic:
What makes Nova System so remarkably different is the NDT™ - Nova Drive Technology - a unique, new drive and distortion circuit that gets you the best of both worlds: World-class analog distortion and overdrive with digital control. This is the real deal – no modeling.
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vox Vox:
The AC15 and AC30 became instant legends, defining the sound of the British Invasion for the UK and the world. And VOX JUST KEEP ON ROLLIN’… 2010 has already seen some of the best and diverse new gear from VOX with the arrival of new guitars, hybrid amps and amps for acoustic & bass players
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srt SR Technology:
The original Jam 150 was a huge success with its hugely musical tonality, superb frequency response and multi-channel operation. The Plus model gives increased flexibility and performance and the latest update to the Plus model is phantom power: essential for condenser microphones and certain pickup systems.
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eden Eden:
For over 30 years Eden has been revered for its trademark amplifier, speaker and cabinet designs producing dynamic high fidelity bass tone. From the World Tour Series heads to the highly acclaimed XLT and XST cabinets, their products have become the standard for touring professionals worldwide. As the gold standard for bass cabinets in the industry.
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We have found what might be the ultimate in modern bass amplification systems. From small portable practice combos to full scale touring rigs (and everything in between), there is something for every bass playing need.
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Fishman Fishman:
From pickups to the Loudbox combo amps and the new Solo performers PA system, Fishman provide tonally accurate amplification for the acoustic musician.
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axl AXL Amplifiers:
With a vintage design and classic features recalling the most popular amps of the late 60's, the Akita Series give you incredible output power and tons of tube tone. "Bravo to AXL for delivering an amp that is handsome, affordable, and most important, musical," said Guitar Player, Dec 2007.
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krank Krank:
The Krankenstein. The amp developed in conjunction with the legendary Dimebag Darrell this amp has always been known for it’s “go for the throat” high gain sound.  Other standout in the lineup include effects, cabs and affordable combos.
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