Best Beginner Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular music instruments in the world. There are hundreds and thousands people want to learn six-string instrument.  Before starting to learn guitar, the first step is buying a beginner guitar. If you are going to buy a good beginner guitar for yourself or your kid to learn on,  the following tips will help you to choose the right guitar.


Electric or acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitars have  hollow bodies and round sound holes on the top. They can be played without amplifiers. The sound of  an acoustic guitar is rich and mellow . Many guitarists and guitar learners prefer acoustic guitars just for the amazing acoustic tone.  Because  it can be play unplugged, you can play acoustic guitar almost everywhere . The drawback is that acoustic guitar is relatively hard to learn because of  the relatively heavier gauge strings, the higher action and wider neck . There are two types of acoustic guitar: steel string acoustic guitar and nylon string acoustic guitar.

A  typical electric guitar need an amplifier and cables to make  sound, so you need to invest on amp, cables and other accessories.  With the amps, electric guitars make louder sound than acoustic guitars. It maybe a little unfriendly to your neighborhoods and family members if you practice or jam with friends at home . Comparing the acoustic guitars, electric guitars are easier to play for beginners because of the low action and narrow neck.

Some people said it is better to choose an acoustic guitar as the first guitar for beginner. But you definitely can start with  an electric guitar. It  depends on what music style you like. The followings are some generic tips.

  • Electric : Blues,Country, Jazz, Rock
  • Steel string acoustic :  Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Folk,Jazz,Rock
  • Nylon string acoustic: Classical, Jazz,Flamenco

If you want learn guitar seriously, the acoustic guitar is a better choice. It is a little hard to learn but easy to shift to electric guitar. If you just want to play electric guitar and make various special sound effects like a  rock star, there is no problem to start with  an electric guitar.

Beginner guitar recommendations:


  • Yamaha FG700S
  • Seagull S6 Original
  • Takamine GS300S
  • Taylor GS Mini


Classical(nylon string):

  • Yamaha CG192
  • Cordoba C5
  • La Patrie Motif

Choose right size for your beginner guitar?

For acoustic and electric  guitars, there are :

  • 1/2 or  3/4 size:  small size guitars that are better  for kids under 12 years old
  • Full size guitar for teenagers and older  learners and players.

If you are shopping for guitar for kids, it is very important to choose the right size because the wrong size may develop bad play habits.  For some adults with small hands, choosing a 3/4 size guitar is a good option.

How much should you spend on your beginner guitar?

Before you buy a  guitar, you’d better set up a budget and buy the best within your budget.  Keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best choice for beginners. The reputed guitar makers produce guitars that are little more expensive, but the common sense tell us you will get your money worth since the decent guitars will stay in tune longer and sound much better. Almost all famous guitar brands offer entry level guitar models. If you only play guitar as a hobby, don’t spend too much on your first guitar. On the other hand, if you are more serious about learning guitar, you’d better to extending your budget  even to get a middle level guitar. If you choose to buy an electric guitar, don’t forget you have to buy  amplifier, cables and other accessories as well. Again, don’t choose the very cheap guitars if possible. These low quality guitars will frustrate you in your guitar learning process .

Where to buy your beginner guitar?

The most common places to buy a decent guitar are the local guitar stores. The obvious reason is that you can look at the different guitar models and try them out. So you know their size, weight, finish, playability and tone style. The drawback is that some salesperson may promote some models that you don’t really need. You also can shop your guitar online and you may find  a lot of really good deals. The downside is you can not try and feel the real guitars before you order them. The alternative way is try out your favorite guitar in local stores and buy it online to save your money. Don’t  buy your  guitar from the smaller online retailers because you may face the warranty issues. We highly recommend shop your guitar from the larger reputed online stores like