Beginner Electric Guitar Amplifier

Electric guitar amplifier is very important for the electric guitar. for some beginners, the most mistake they make is just focusing on which guitar play which sound, which guitar play well or which guitar looks nice. They forget the important one–the electric guitar amplifier. Without a good electric guitar amplifier, the best or most expensive electric guitar can’t play great sound. In fact, some ordinary electric guitar can still sound very decent when playing with a great amplifier.

Some basic concepts

Tube Amps: Tube electric guitar amplifiers are preferred by some guitarists for their warm, fat tube tone and “organic” overdrive distortion. Tube amps sound louder and have a “feel” that you can’t get from solid-state amps. But tube need to be change for a period of time because its performance can be worse over time.
Solid-state Amps: Solid-state electric guitar amplifiers are made of transistors instead of tubes. They are more reliable than tubes. They often make a very clean and cold tone with some “distortion” which some guitarists don’t like.
Modeling Amps (Digital Amps): Modeling electric guitar amplifiers use software to mimic the sound of different amps, speakers, cabinets. Modeling electric guitar amplifiers usually have built-in digital effects like chorus,delay,etc, and they are programmable.
Combos are units containing the amplifier and speaker in one cabinet.
Stacks are Combinations of two cabinets and a head.
Reverb Units: Some electric guitar amplifiers use spring reverbs, others use digital reverb. spring reverbs can offer natural sounding.
Effects Loops: These jacks help you add rack units or stomp boxes just after the preamp to prevent amplifying any noise.
Channel Switching: These electric guitar amplifiers enable you to switch between different preamp channels going from a clean tone to a distorted one. Make sure if a footswitch is included. Digital amps often need an extra MIDI footswitch in order to change tones remotely.
Built-in Effects: Modeling amps usually contain multiple built-in digital effects.
Most electric guitar amplifiers are “combo amps” which the speaker and amplifier are in a box. Guitar Combo Amp cabinets are available in in many different styles by the number and size of the speakers. Normal arrangements are 1-10 (a single 10 inch speaker), 1-12, 2-12, and there are a few use 15″ speakers. There are open backed combo and closed back combo according to the sound styles you like. Most closed backed combo make the sound more bottom end.

Recommended Electric Guitar Amps

Fender Mustang I Electric Guitar Amplifier
Fender Frontman 25R Electric Guitar Amplifier
VHT AV-SP1-6 Special 6 Combo Amplifier

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