Beginner Electric Guitar

What is beginner electric guitar? Basically, a beginner electric guitar should be less expensive and easy to play. The following information will help you find the best beginner guitar.

Which brands should you consider ?

For beginners, Epiphone and Squier are the brands highly recommended. Epiphone is the sub brand of Gibson and produces affordable copies of Gibson models like Les Paul series. Squier is subsidiary of Fender. Fender is probably the largest electric guitar manufacturer on the planet. Squier makes less expensive electric guitar editions such as Telecaster and Stratocaster which are the successful models under Fender. Generally speaking, Epiphone guitars have a fatter tone while Squiers are known for their thinner sound.

Both of Epiphone and Squier are great brands in guitar industry. Their electric guitars are all well constructed under the control of their mother brands.

What kind of body style you should choose?


Electric guitar comes in three body types: solid body, hollow body and semi-hollow body. The solid body guitar means that the body is made of solid wood. They can play a solid body electric guitar without amps, but the weak sound only can be heard by yourself and without any sound effect. The hollow body guitars have acoustic chambers, two “f” style sound holes and in most case have archtop. You can play them without amps( unplugged). Hollow body guitars make more mellow tone than solid body and are perfect for jazz music style. The semi-hollow body guitars also have hollow chambers and “f” shaped sound holes in the guitar bodies but are solid at the middle of guitar bodies. They have smaller body size than hollow body guitars. So if you play them without amps, the sound is better than solid body guitars but not loud enough to perform at the stage. To choose your beginner electric guitar body type, just make sure to match the music style you like. Most electric guitar beginners choose solid body guitars.

Single coil or humbucker pickups?

Pickup is an important part of an electric guitar. It “pick up” the vibration of strings and convert them into electrical signals. These signals are transferred to the amplifier and converted into sound that we can hear. There two types of pickups: the single-coil and humbucker. The main difference is that humbucker can produce fatter tone than the single-coil. The other one is single coil pickups sometimes make noise. Check out:Electric Guitar Pickups: Single Coils Vs Humbuckers. Some electric guitars have one pickup while others have two or three.

The quality of pickup has great impact on the quality of an electric guitar. Most entry level electric guitars have the less expensive pickups. This causes the sound quality is not as good as the expensive guitars.

How much should you pay for ?

For beginners, don’t spend too much on your first electric guitar. So if you give up, you only lose a few hundreds dollars. On the other hand, don’t buy the very very cheap electric guitars since the terrible sound from these low quality instruments will frustrate the beginner. Just buy the best electric guitar within your budget. To save your money, you can buy your beginner electric guitar from reputed online retailers like Keep in mind that don’t spend all your budget on the guitar, you need to buy a suitable amplifier, a strap, the cables and some other accessories.

Recommendation of electric guitars for beginners

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Beginner Electric Guitar Package

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Squier Affinity Telecaster

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Squier Bullet Strat

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Epiphone LP Special II

Features: Solid basswood body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, dot inlay 22 frets, 24.75’’ scale length Two alcino v humbucker pickups, 700T, 650R 3 way pickup selector switch, one volume control, one tone control Tune-o-matic bridge Sound: This guitar is versatile. Turning the tone control and configuring the amps properly, your finger can play various type […]

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Epiphone LP-100

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