Best Beginner Guitar Books

When you begin your guitar learning, you need some beginner guitar books in hand to help your master the instrument quickly. All of them can be found in the online or offline book stores. Following the guide of these books, you can easily improve your guitar skills by practicing.

Classic guitar book

A classic guitar book is very helpful in your guitar learning process. You can almost find answers of any question you ask. This kind of book will help you get familiar with the scales and arpeggios of your guitar and improve your sight reading.

Chord Reference book

You can learn the different guitar chords with the guide of this book. This is the must step of learning guitar. Without it, you can’t make a correct note from your guitar. The chords reference book has chart and instructions which help you grasp all of the chords.

Songbook of  artists

The artists’ songbook includes lyrics and guitar chords of song of some popular guitarists. Using this kind of book, you can strum your guitar and change chords smoothly and correctly. In addition, you can also learn different scales which will help you play solo properly.

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