Best Guitar Brands

Electric Guitar Brands

Fender: Fender is the biggest electric guitar brand  in the world. The first solid body electric guitar was the Telecaster which is which is very successful , but the most well- known is its Stratocaster which chosen by Eric Clapton and  Jim Hendrix.

Gibson: Although Fender is a bigger company, Gibson is believed to be the best electric guitar brand. Gibson is the brand behind the Les Paul. Having the same name, the guitar and the man have had a significant  impact on the electric guitar industry than any others. Other famous models form Gibson are Flying V, Explorer, and the SG series.

Epiphone: This electric guitar  brand is backed up by the Gibson. Epiphone makes quite affordable models of Les Paul and other types of electric guitars made by Gibson.Beginner guitarists need not worry about the sound quality of guitars from Epiphone. Epiphone LP-100 and Epiphoe LP Special ii are both good beginner electric guitars.

Squier: Just like Epiphone form Gibson, Squire is an electric guitar brand from Fender, with a significantly reduced price. Fender is its parent company, which increase its reputation. BulletStrat and Affinity Telecaster are recommended.

B.C. Rich: B.C. Rich is an electric guitar brand who offers solid models for heavy metal and rock music fans. It also makes loads of bass guitars. A majority of its guitars are featured by pointed edges with images.

Dean Guitars: This is an American electric guitar brand that makes electric and bass guitar models for heavy metal musicians. Their models are ones of the best sounding.

Ibanez: This is also one electric guitar brand name that produces good-looking and sounding models in a very affordable price range. This is a suitable brand for intermediate as well as advanced guitarists.

ESP:ESP has a product line of inexpensive guitars. If you want to go to the more expensive side, it offers artist models as well. For beginners, the standard series is most appropriate.

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars: PRS guitars are kinda unique, with the curved body edges and beautiful fret-identification designs on the fingerboard. Along with these beautiful guitars, there also comes a good professional tone.

Acoustic Guitar Brands

Martin: Martin is a famous for its high end acoustic guitar models often used by some big names—the top-class professional artists. These models are no doubt the best sounding as well as the most expensive acoustic guitars in the world.

Taylor :Taylor acoustic guitar are also have high quality sound and considered one of the expensive guitar brands. Their great quality comes from the usage of expensive wood to make unique and best tone.

Yamaha: Yamaha is a Japanese company. This brand is well known for both its musical instruments and motorcycles. The Yamaha guitar product lines include both acoustic and electric guitars. Yamaha’s entry level guitars are the most welcomed by the guitar beginners for their good quality and affordable prices. Yamaha FG700S is one of the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

Takamine: Like Yamaha, Takamine is a Japanese guitar maker. This company offers both high end and entry level acoustic guitars with trustable quality and tone. Takamine GS330S is a very good entry level acoustic guitar.

Seagull: Seagull is a Canadian guitar company. It is a sub brand of Godin and focus on acoustic guitars. Most of its models are hand made and with high quality. Their product lines are mainly for professional players and it also makes some entry level acoustic guitars.