Cordoba C5

Cordoba C5 is the bestselling model of Cordoba Iberia series. It is also one of my favorite classical guitars recommended to beginning learners.

It is a full size nylon string guitar with solid Canadian cedar top combined with laminated mahogany back and side, good craftsmanship and beautiful. C5 is a light-weighted guitar partly because of its thinner top (although some people argue this). C5 is a typical Spanish style classical guitar (52mm nut width). The headstock is hand carved. The fan bracing is also a classical guitar style. The nut and saddle are bone instead of plastic. This will improve sustain and tone. There is an acoustic electric version of C5 called C5-CE with build-in pickup and preamp and cutaway.


  • Solid Canadian cedar top
  • Laminated mahogany side and back
  • Light weight
  • Two way truss rods
  • Bone nut and saddle


The sound of C5 is great for the price. Quality sound comes mostly from the good quality solid cedar top. Sound is loud and responsive due to the thinner top. The tone is warm, rich and great for classical.


The factory setup action is a little high. Some beginners may think it’s not good for them, but high action is also a classical guitar style. With the factory setup action, you can play on the low frets without problems. If you want to play notes on high frets, you need some practice. The light weighted C5 is easy to play and solid enough to avoid potential damage.


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  • Quality sound
  • Light weight
  • Quality cedar top


Factory action is slightly high.


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More specs

  • Bridge: Indian rosewood
  • Scale length: 25.6”
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Finish: gloss
  • Body width:14.75” at lower bout
  • Body length:39’’
  • Body depth:3.7” at upper bout, 3.9” at lower bout
  • Tuning pegs: gold