Cordoba C7

Cordoba C7 is an excellent starter guitar with quality tone and beautiful looking. It is the best entry level model of Cordoba Iberia series and you will never regret to own it.

Cordoba C7 is a light weighted guitar just like C5 for its thin top. There are two types of C7 as to the top materials: solid Canadian cedar top and solid European spruce top. This gives buyers more options. They can buy cedar or spruce top model based on their personal preference. C7 is a beautiful guitar for its excellent workmanship and good quality cedar or spruce top. The back and side is made of laminated Indian rosewood. Cordoba C7 is a typical Spanish style classical guitar with 52 cm nut width. The tone of C7 is better than C5 but C5 is cheaper. If you have enough budgets, I highly recommend the C7. Cordoba also provide with an acoustic electric version Cordoba C7-CE  with build-in pickup and preamp.


  • Solid Canadian cedar or European spruce
  • Light weight
  • Laminated Indian rosewood back and side
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Adjustable truss rod


The tone of C7 is good enough for beginners to learn on. To quality cedar or spruce top determine the good quality overall tone. Sound is very responsive to your finger picking due to the thin top design. The cedar top sound a little differently from the spruce top. But they are both excellent classical guitar for beginners.


C7 is a very playable guitar. The light weight makes it easy to hold and play.  You can adjust neck relief and fretboard action by using the truss rods.


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  • Good quality sound
  • Excellent workmanship


Some buyers report C7 has buzz problem


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More specs

  • Bridge: Indian rosewood
  • Scale length: 25.6”
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Bracing: fan bracing
  • Strings: high tension nylon strings