Guitar Strings for Beginners

Strings are very important to the sound quality of a guitar. There are so many brands and types of guitar strings o the market. Each of them has their own characteristics. What are the best strings for your guitar, it depends on your tone preference and your guitar itself. You must try and hear to get the right ones.

Electric guitar string

Electric guitar strings are normally silver colored. The materials are nickel or stainless steel. The most common electric guitar string is nickel plated: the steel plated with nickel warps around the steel core. This kind string has more volume. Another type is pure nickel string. The steel core warped around by nickel has less volume outputs and a vintage tone which is preferred by many guitarists. The stainless steel string electronically makes bigger sound and is easy to cause the fret wear because of the hardness of the material.

Acoustic guitar string

Acoustic guitar strings can be break down into two major categories: the steel string and nylon string. The common steel string of acoustic guitar is bronze wound. The new bronze string makes bright sound and the sound become more mellow when being played for a period of time. To keep the bright tone long, some string makers add some phosphor to bronze. That is phosphor bronze steel string which is recommended to be the best for beginners. Another specially designed steel string is silk &steel. The sound is not bright and the action becomes softer.

String gauge.

String gauge is basically the thickness or size of the strings. Different gauge strings have different sound effect and playability. The thicker or larger gauge strings make louder sound because of the greater tension applied to the guitar. Thereby, it needs more finger strength to press the string on the fret in order to get right note. The tensioned string vibrate less and is less possible to cause buzz even adjust to a lower action. So the thicker the strings, the louder the sound,, and the harder to play for beginners .

Some guitar players put nylon strings on steel string guitar, is it right?

The main reason to do this is that the nylon strings are softer and easy to press to the fret. It is not a good practice I personally think. The two kinds of guitars are designed differently to apply to the two different strings. You can’t put nylon strings on a folk acoustic. Some special designed nylon strings can be put on but you should know that nylon strings tone is also very different from steel strings. If you like the sound, why just buy a classical guitar? So don’t use the nylon strings on the steel strings guitar. It’s meaningless and some times risky to damage your guitar.

How often to change the strings?

It depends on how often you play. When the strings don’t sound as well as before, it is a sign of changing. You should change all your strings regularly to keep your guitar sound better. It is good habit for both newbie and experienced guitarist.

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