Guitars For Small Hands: 3/4 Size Guitar

Do you think about giving your kid a great birthday gift that may bring him or her happiness and enjoyment? Or your kid is begging you to buy a guitar and he or she will become a great rock star in the future. All parents want their kids to be happy and succeed. I think learning and playing music is the best thing that train your kids to know how to reach the goals, how to practice to realize their dreams and how to gain confidence. Guitar is a best musical instrument for children. It is popular and relatively easy to learn.
How to choose the best guitar for your kids? You can find some tips about beginner guitar, but for kids guitar, there will be some special factors to consider.


Yes, the brand or maker of a beginner guitar is very important aspect when shopping for a beginner guitar. A good reputable brand means good sound, well craftsmanship and quality stability. For kids’ guitars, brand has more meanings. Owning a guitar has same brand with the rock stars or guitar artists they love is an extremely thing worth to be proud of. This also gives them motivation to learn to play the guitar.


Children are shorter than adults in general, so choose the right size for them. Get more information at this page. Beside this, make sure the action of their guitar is not too high. High action is hard for finger pressing. Also think about the thinner neck which is easy for kids to hold and move finger through the fretboard. If possible, choose nylon string guitar because the nylon strings are softer than steel strings. But nylon string guitars have different tone from steel string guitars; just make sure your child like the sound. Electric guitars are also easy to learn for their lower action and thinner neck than acoustic guitars. But you need to buy an amp for electric guitar and that means more money to spend.

Good Looking Guitar

The appearance of the guitar is not to be put into the first place when choosing a guitar. But for kids, it’s different. The good looking guitar will let them feel cool and funny. These are all positive factors to motivate them to overcome difficulties and achieve the goals.

One of my student is 20 years old but a small man (about 5.4 feet high) with small hands(2.6 inches). He can’t play the full size guitar. When he asked me for tips on buying beginner guitar, I suggested he pick a 3/4 size guitar. Choosing a beginner guitar is a very individual issue and […]

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